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SAP Hire was founded in 2006 as one of the staff augmentation providers for most of the large organizations in the US & Canadian Market.. While many recruiting firms have remade themselves into RPO players after the fact, SAP Hire carved out a stake in the formation of the space. As a leader in recruitment outsourcing since 2006, SAP Hire has accumulated more experience than anyone in the delivery of world-class Recruitment Process programs. Our business philosophy revolves around the client. At the end of the day, it is all about client results and SAP Hire measures performance through a set of metrics that map to Service Level Agreements agreed upon with our customer. Every call made, prospect sourced and candidate screened is made visible to the client.

Our Research Center of Excellence is the hub of our delivery model. Utilizing our proprietary SAP Hire Sourcing Analytics Platform and direct sourcing process, our research recruiters uncover the best candidates that are not to be found on the Internet job boards. We have built a massive database of over 2 million potential candidates from target company lists and from our proprietary sourcing processes.

Unlike traditional headhunters, SAP Hire provides all candidates and research data generated throughout our engagements only to the client for whom we are providing recruitment services. We structure each engagement to deliver the exact level of service at the proper cost, based on the specific hiring needs of our client.

SAP Hire is completely customer focused. Our objective is your success. Unlike search agencies, whose orientation is more toward the candidate as the client, our only goal is to hire the best people for your company. We serve as an extension of your company, representing only your positions and interests to the candidate. Our level of customer service is unparalleled.

You will simply enjoy working with us!
SAP Hire Inc USA. is a technology-driven, software development and consulting firm. SAP Hire Inc. has a team of experienced and energetic software professionals and support staff, who are driven by a passion for excellence in software development, and work diligently to achieve the Company’s goal of being The One-Point Source to cater to the entire gamut of the computing needs of varied customers.

A major area of activity at SAP Hire Inc. has been staffing. Realizing the importance of having the right resources to support Information Technology related activities, and understanding the difficulties that organizations face in securing the services of such resources, SAP Hire Inc. developed a workforce management that would help it recruit IT professionals with the right skills at the right price and within the shortest time. SAP Hire Inc. has a team of recruiters, HR professionals and Subject Matter Experts who are capable of quickly assessing a candidate’s suitability for a given job, including technical expertise and relevant.

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